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Stoneford Equestrian Estate - Home in progress
Another home in progress that is just reaching the exciting & a challenging stage of detailing & finishes. The garden has been established ahead of time to take advantage of the spring growing period, & as a result will have an established garden that incorporates a Living Pool that is fed by a spring & a bio-filter so one may swim with the fish, also a Putting Green for the avid Golfer.
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Seaside Retreat
One of my firm favourites. This home is quite unique in many aspects. The clients had planned this home & the design over a number of years & we were able together to enhance the very original finishes in many ways. The client had very specific design concepts for instance there is no paint to internal walls but rather a Cretestone plaster with Cobra floor wax buffed on to give this very unique wall treatment. The client had persuaded me here as I had never tried this method on anythin...
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Stoneford Equestrian Estate
This country home designed by Walker Smith Architects was a project of refined detailing. The clients needs & passion in choosing their finishes was very well read by the Architects & challenged us with the complexity of using a lot of timber externally & internally with floors throughout the home in Wormy Chestnut T&G boards & Balau cladding & Columns externally.
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Old to Modern
It is always a challenge to work with the unknowns of a 50 year old home & revive it to achieve a Modern contemporary home that meets the needs & the aesthetic appeal of our present times.
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Langford Country Estate in Hillcrest
A Georgian style is the theme here where were able to use a pleasant mix of textures with Natural stone, Facebrick & Plaster detailing to bring some uniqueness to these homes.
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Renovation to Guesthouse
We really enjoyed the challenge here of converting & adding on another floor to this old La Lucia home. The challenge here was a very short contract period as this B&B is always busy & had to be closed for four months while renovations & additions were being done. We built a Kiaat Spiral stair here to add character & to create more space in the entrance foyer. The front Pivot Door I designed in Kiaat to match the stair..  
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Renovation in Langford Estate
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Contemporary Home
This home was designed & detailed in all aspects as the work progressed. Notice the Pivot entrance door which is the biggest we have designed & built, measuring 3.6m high X 3m wide & weighing in at over a ton. The bearings to carry this door were custom made to take the loads, & this is where some of the specialists we work with are able to make a door of this size possible, a push with the finger is all it needs to open. Also of interest are the floating mahogany Stairs that h...